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Now it is possible. Try an earing online. At this moment it is possible to subscribe. You can fill in some data, but it is important to upload a photo of yourself. This can be used later to try jewellery items online.

Go for it. Drag the earrings to the right place and see how they look on the celebrities below.

When you subscribed, you could also upload your own profile image. This is an image of yourself, just like the examples above from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Alicia Keys. It can be used to fit all kinds of nice jewellery items. The number of items is now still limited, but from now on more and more items will be added. If you didn't do this during subscribing, you can do it now at the my account page.

Don't wait any longer and subscribe.

As you will notice very soon, the profile image has to fit some demands.

  • For realistic values of the size of the earrings, we need a profile image where the width of the head is about a bit more than half of the photo.
  • Furthermore, it is wise to upload a high resolution picture, so that the picture doesn't have to be scaled, which will reduce its quality.
  • Actually: Take a look at our example profiles and try to get a photo which looks like it.

We have noticed that uploading a photo is difficult. Now, it is also posible to send us an email with the photo you want. Tell us your login and attach the photo and we will do the rest.

We hope that this functionality will help you in finding the right jewellery item.

Furthermore we are busy with expanding this site. In the near future it will be possible to fit earrings on one of your friends. And it will be possible to change your profileimage afterwards. So when you think you have uploaded a profileimage which you don't like, it is easy to change them.

Don't wait any longer and subscribe.

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